Smart Weather Station Firmware

Tempest Firmware - v143

  • Added temperature compensation for solar and wind effects
  • Fixed bug causing Hub to “forget” devices that were paired to it
  • Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

Tempest Firmware - v134

  • Improved UV, rain & lightning calibration settings for Tempest
  • Improved LED brightness control for rev G hubs
  • Updated default rain calibration for Tempest
  • Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

Smart Weather Firmware - v119

  • Fixed null UV index values.
  • Fixed issue with wind direction averages.
  • Fixed some Bluetooth crash issues.

Smart Weather Firmware - v114

  • Added several new parameters to hub_status message
  • Added filter to remove bad battery voltage readings.
  • Updates to rain-on-plate algorithm.

Smart Weather Firmware - v105

  • Added diagnostic element to radio stats array in HUB status message
  • Fixed bug causing hub to occasionally return very large uptime values
  • Fixed low power mode toggle bug affecting some devices

Smart Weather Firmware - v103

  • Improved wind speed QC algorithms
  • Improved RH overflow correction for older AIR units
  • Minor improvements to rain-on-plate algorithm
  • Improved factory testing routines

Smart Weather Firmware - v98

  • added additional methods to upgrade firmware and set time for increased robustness
  • added watchdog to correct “blue LED lockup” issue.
  • added ability to use sensor devices to set the hub’s time when other methods (Internet, BLE) fail
  • corrected direction calculation for low wind speeds

Smart Weather Firmware - v94

  • fixes a bug in one of the wind filters
  • adds improved rain sensor calibration algorithm

Smart Weather Firmware - v91

  • improved backfill performance and reliability
  • fixed RH overflow issue (affecting about 10% of the AIR units)
  • corrected several wind speed filter issues (affecting a handful of SKY units)
  • improved watchdogs to reduce unnecessary reboots (affecting a small number of hubs)
  • fixed firmware upgrade issue (affecting a very small number of hubs)
  • major improvements to the networking stack, including:

    • added framework for future IPv6 support
    • more aggressive WiFi scanning when searching for networks
    • better handling of Internet and WIFI connection/disconnection issues

Smart Weather Firmware - v47

  • Increased rain precision to detect lighter rain.
  • Added radio frequency to device_status message.
  • Improved hub to device transmission reliability.
  • Improved detection of Internet offline (but WiFi & local network still up) status to improve backfill process.
  • Improved UDP dropped packet issue when Internet offline (but WiFi & local network still up).
  • Support for older SKY firmware

Smart Weather Firmware - v35

  • Added additional support for SKY
  • Added fixes and work-arounds for NTP issues
  • Improved firmware upgrade stability
  • Many minor bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Additions and fixes to UDP messages
  • Changed Hub LED to use simpler pattern:
    • GREEN = online, connected via WiFi
    • BLUE = online, connected via BLE
    • RED = offline, not connected via WiFi or BLE
  • Improved WiFi stability
  • Added observation backfill capability to Hubs that support it
  • Added fix for RH overflow issue
  • Fixed bug where UDP broadcasts stop

Smart Weather Firmware - v17

  • Added automatic firmware update capability
  • Added features to support the SKY
  • Added additional NTP servers
  • Improved WiFi connectivity
  • Improved stability
  • Minor bug fixes

Smart Weather Firmware - v13

  • Added more diagnostic info.
  • Added a field calibration capability.
  • Changed DHCP hostname to “WeatherFlow”.
  • Enabled local UDP multicast.

Smart Weather Firmware - v12

  • Fixed RH values greater than 100%
  • Fixed incorrect AIR firmware values