Smart Weather for Android

Smart Weather for Android - v2.18

  • Offline mode improvements

Smart Weather for Android - v2.15

  • Rain Card & Graph Improvements
  • Bluetooth Communication & Reliability Improvements
  • Other Bug Fixes & UI improvements

Smart Weather for Android - v1.70

  • Improvements to Lightning Graph
  • Bug Fixes & Other Performance Improvements

Smart Weather for Android - v1.65

  • Added rain accumulation line to rain graph
  • Follow system auto-rotate setting
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements

Smart Weather for Android - v1.64

  • Resolved Sorting Related Bugs
  • Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes

Smart Weather for Android - v1.44

  • Candlestick charts should now properly draw the average bar
  • Rain rate icon changes to reflect the improved rain rate word ranges introduced in the last update
  • Added dialog to warn about unsaved changes in editable fields
  • Specify average bar size in pixels per supported screen size
  • Fix UV and Lux candlestick loss of float precision when calculating open and close
  • Allow adding a device from another station to a new station
  • Use proper delta-t conversion
  • If diagnostic card enabled, automatically add new diagnostic card when a new device is added
  • Fix status list ordering bug with multiple devices
  • Fix card text clipping issue when system text size preference is large
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Smart Weather for Android - v1.40

  • Sensor status added to diagnostic list
  • Functionality added to support SKY devices
  • RH added as separate graph
  • Lightning card improvements - icon changes color when lightning is detected within the last 5 minutes
  • Rain card improvements - improved rain rate word ranges
  • Battery card now shows battery state (good or replace)
  • UV, Brightness, and Solar Radiation as separate graphs
  • Zero y axis minimum for UV/Brightness/Solar Radiation
  • Less top padding for wind graph
  • Wind arrows no longer overlap with lines
  • Wind arrows no longer appear on the bottom of the graph
  • Fixed SKY icon to be more consistent with AIR icon
  • Already paired devices no longer show up on nearby devices list
  • Minor formatting fixes
  • Minor performance improvements and bug fixes

Smart Weather for Android - v1.15

  • No longer persists hub reconnection after sign out
  • Add battery card
  • Add battery graph
  • Improved WebSocket reconnect strategy
  • Socket is closed instead of suppressed when app is in background
  • Show “Last Strike” label in card view
  • Fix bug preventing lightning strike card from updating from lightning events
  • Add lightning strike animation
  • Add ability to sort cards
  • Minor performance improvements

Smart Weather for Android - v1.10

  • Bluetooth improvements
  • Fixed bug where wifi setup loading dialog would loop indefinitely
  • Fixed bug where firmware setup loading dialog would get “stuck”, even if firmware update was successful
  • Fixed bug where names with spaces would cause unknown errors on Wunderground setup on certain Android versions
  • Add hide/show button for password fields
  • Remove ability to create account with social providers
  • When editing a station’s location, no longer moves location to current location if it has been set previously
  • Add reverse portrait/landscape support
  • Fix notification bug on certain Android versions
  • Add device status notification setting
  • Locations without hubs no longer show “WiFi Setup”, “Advanced”, and WU linking options
  • Increase card view text size for certain screen sizes
  • Changing graph resolution from a bucket with data to one without data shows ‘no data available’ message
  • Add toolbar card with share and diagnostics buttons
  • Add station status indicator on toolbar card, stations list, edit station screen, and station switcher
  • Station settings grouping change
  • Add default units to height above ground setting
  • Improved UI in edit station screen
  • Improved UI in edit device screen
  • Improved UI in station switcher
  • Fix pressure needle rotation
  • Minor unit formatting fixes
  • Other minor bug fixes

Smart Weather for Android - v0.93

  • Improved runtime pemissions requests
  • Fix bug where duplicate stations were being created during setup
  • Fix bug that would cause Sign Out button to sometimes appear twice during setup
  • Remember hub after serial has been entered in device setup
  • Ask hub for already paired devices during setup
  • Added Bluetooth low energy compatibility checks

Smart Weather for Android - v0.92

  • Improved background authentication token refresh
  • Add sign out button to setup
  • Add refresh button to wifi setup
  • Go back to station screen after a firmware upgrade
  • Some improvements to prevent showing old data when there is something newer available