Tempest for Android

Smart Weather for Android - v5.6.12

  • Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

Smart Weather for Android - v5.6.5

  • Fixed bug where power save mode would erroneously show as enabled

Smart Weather for Android - v5.6.3

Our team has been hard at work improving your Tempest experience, and this release brings a fresh look to your tablet display, making it even easier to access and enjoy your weather data. Users can now take advantage of a revamped station display designed specifically for tablets. Effortlessly check current conditions and forecast data on a larger screen, providing a more immersive and detailed view of your Tempest Weather System information. Enabling the new tablet display is a breeze. Open your Tempest App settings, scroll to Full-Screen Mode, and choose Standard.

Smart Weather for Android - v5.5.3

  • Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

Smart Weather for Android - v5.4.5

  • Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

Smart Weather for Android - v5.4.4

  • Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

Smart Weather for Android - v5.3.1

  • Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

Smart Weather for Android - v5.3.0

  • Updated System Navigation Bar And Status Bar To Follow App Theme
  • Fixed Notification Icon Using Wrong Icon
  • Added Current Conditions App Action

Smart Weather for Android - v5.2.13


  • Removed ScrollView layout and increased height of top buttons for better visibility.
  • Updated strings for the status page.
  • Adjusted default preference for theme to not solely rely on system theme.
  • Set text_light color for icon tint in bottom navigation.

Code & Dependencies

  • Incremented app version.
  • Increased target SDK version for compatibility with newer devices.
  • Allowed using accum final value for max accum comparison if analysis type == 0.
  • Introduced constant for default theme.
  • Always set SDK listener, even if fine location is not granted.
  • Updated remaining API endpoints that were hard-coded.
  • Switched module level SDK build.gradle to Kotlin DSL.
  • Switched project level build.gradle to Kotlin Gradle DSL.
  • Moved Firebase code to wrapped suspending functions.
  • Changed dev URL to use HTTPS.
  • Removed cleartext rule from manifest.
  • Injected user repository into account actions.
  • Moved login and create account to interface.
  • Added is_tempest_one_hub field to device locked network call.
  • Removed unused hello call.
  • Updated API endpoint to use dynamic URL based on build type.
  • Added utility to open an app by its package name.
  • Implemented local API key usage for better security.
  • Introduced user repository, service, and hello API call.
  • Added Dagger code for injecting the user repository.
  • Implemented new cell_status endpoint and added cell service with Dagger support.
  • Fixed an issue with the gitignore file to properly ignore the local API key.

Smart Weather for Android - v5.2.10

  • Fixed candlestick graph bars using wrong average
  • Fixed candlestick graph tooltip displaying wrong average under certain conditions
  • Fixed rain rate graph using wrong value to scale y-axis
  • Fixed lightning graph not displaying x-axis
  • Improved web socket connection stability

Smart Weather for Android - v5.2.3

  • Improved compatibility with accessibility settings
    • Screen readers should be able to select the Sign In button now
  • Added BLE Status to Station Status screen
  • Removed graph line interpolation
  • Fixed repeated values on graph Y-Axis
  • Fixed temperature in notification icon being cut off
  • Medium station widget should no longer get cut off
  • Improvements to widget stability
    • Should get stuck less often hopefully

Smart Weather for Android - v5.2.0

We’re constantly working to improve your Tempest experience. In addition to bug fixes and performance enhancements, we have added National Weather Service Watches, Warnings and Advisories to this release.

If there is an active Watch, Warning or Advisory issued by the NWS for your station or a saved location, you will now see that information on the main forecast screen. Tapping the Watch, Warning or Advisory will show you the full detailed information as provided by the NWS (U.S. only).

Smart Weather for Android - v5.1.0

  • Updates to the status page
  • Dark mode bug fixes
  • Improved graph performance
  • Added temperature to ongoing notification icon

Smart Weather for Android - v5.0.2

  • Renamed the add location forecast preview button from “Save” to “Next”
  • Changed the graph data inspection label font to regular weight and color to white
  • Fixed bug where widgets would not refresh
  • Improved back navigation in History View
  • Improved back navigation in Settings
  • Fixed bug in Graph View where line graphs were not being drawn on top of all other data
  • Fixed UI issue where widget error text would not wrap and instead ellipsize, causing the full error message to be cut off

Smart Weather for Android - v5.0.0

Out with the blue, in with the new! In addition to a sleek new color scheme and design, the AI-powered Tempest app has added a number of exciting features. These include:

  • Weather Anywhere: Tempest forecasts are not just for Tempest stations anymore! You can now get a Tempest forecast for any location.
  • Widgets
  • Light / Dark Mode

Smart Weather for Android - v4.6.79

  • Bug Fixes And Performance Enhancements

Smart Weather for Android - v4.6.78

  • Bug Fixes And Performance Enhancements

Smart Weather for Android - v4.6.75

  • Android 12 Bug Fixes
  • Other Bug Fixes And Performance Enhancements

Smart Weather for Android - v4.6.72

  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Smart Weather for Android - v4.6.5

  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Smart Weather for Android - v4.6.2

  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Smart Weather for Android - v4.6.18

  • Fixed Delta-T issue
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Smart Weather for Android - v4.6.17

History View Expansion We have added weekly, monthly, yearly and all time statistics for your devices.

Better Forecast UI Improvements We streamlined the UI so that we are not displaying the same information in multiple places. We also added sunrise and sunset data to each forecast day.

Station Dashboard The Station Dashboard is now home to the More Current Conditions section that was previously on the Forecast view. This puts all of your detailed station information in one place.

Smart Weather for Android - v4.5.8

  • Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Smart Weather for Android - v4.5.7

  • Updated Tempest Weather System setup experience for new Tempest users.

Smart Weather for Android - v4.4.51

This build includes bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Smart Weather for Android - v4.4.2

This build includes bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Smart Weather for Android - v4.39

This build includes primarily bug fixes and performance enhancements. Here are a few of the bugs we squashed with this release:

  • Fixed wind speed bar color issue
  • Fixed app crash for Android 4 users

Smart Weather for Android - v4.36

More Data at the top of the Main View

  • The “More Current Conditions” section at the bottom of the Main View has always been a great way to see more data from your station. In this release, we are moving a few of those key values up to the Top Box on the Main View. In addition to the wind and UV values, now you can quickly see the humidity, pressure and pressure trend right when you open the app. If it is raining or there is recent lightning in your area, you will also see those data points in the Top Box as well.

Rapid Wind Updates

  • Rapid Wind (wind speed & direction values reported every three seconds) is making its way to the Top Box of the Main View! In addition, the rapid wind display on the Card View has received an update to match the new rapid wind visualization on the Main View. Additional bug fixes and minor performance enhancements are also included in this build.

Smart Weather for Android - v4.15

  • Minor bug fixes

Smart Weather for Android - v4.14

  • Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements

Tempest for Android - v4.13

  • First time setup improvements
  • Fixed data display issue when receiving data over BLE

Tempest for Android - v4.12

  • Lightning information from your station is now displayed on the forecast screen.
  • We fixed an issue where lightning information was sometimes not displaying correctly on the station dashboard screen.
  • Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Tempest for Android - v4.04

  • Improved forecast refreshing
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Tempest for Android - v4.02

  • Added share button to the Forecast
  • Added pressure trend to the More Current Conditions section of the Forecast
  • Minor battery graph updates
  • Other bug fixes and performance enhancements

Tempest for Android - v4.00

Better, faster, stronger. That’s the updated Tempest Smart Weather app in a nutshell. Here are the specifics:

  • A New Look: We’ve updated the design of the app, including transitioning all branding from Smart Weather to Tempest.
  • A Better Forecast: WeatherFlow’s AI forecast system uses the best available models & our own in-house modeling suite. Leveraging your station data and powerful machine learning techniques, we’re able to guarantee a scary accurate forecast that only gets better over time.

Smart Weather for Android - v3.40

  • Updates to Feels Like / Dew Point Display Logic on Air Temperature Card
  • Changes to Support the Tempest Weather System
  • Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

Smart Weather for Android - v3.25

  • Added Messages View - shows a historical list of all messages triggered for your station independent of whether the message was delivered via push notification
  • Added Always On Mode Option - prevents the device from sleeping while the app is active
  • Bug Fixes

Smart Weather for Android - v3.2

  • Added Rain Rate Graph
  • Improved Lightning Distance Display
  • Updated WU Settings Page
  • Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

Smart Weather for Android - v3.10

  • Added Support for WeatherFlow RainCheck
  • Minor Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

Smart Weather for Android - v3.01

  • Tabbed Navigation
  • History View
  • Station Map
  • Ability to replace device
  • Ability to set wind direction offset
  • Fix station switcher not properly updating data in list view

Smart Weather for Android - v2.60

  • Updated setup for solar panel
  • Updated forecast endpoint
  • Added ability to set manual SSID
  • More accurate replace battery voltage threshhold for sky
  • Better pressure sanity check

Smart Weather for Android - v2.18

  • Offline mode improvements

Smart Weather for Android - v2.15

  • Rain Card & Graph Improvements
  • Bluetooth Communication & Reliability Improvements
  • Other Bug Fixes & UI improvements

Smart Weather for Android - v1.70

  • Improvements to Lightning Graph
  • Bug Fixes & Other Performance Improvements

Smart Weather for Android - v1.65

  • Added rain accumulation line to rain graph
  • Follow system auto-rotate setting
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements

Smart Weather for Android - v1.64

  • Resolved Sorting Related Bugs
  • Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes

Smart Weather for Android - v1.44

  • Candlestick charts should now properly draw the average bar
  • Rain rate icon changes to reflect the improved rain rate word ranges introduced in the last update
  • Added dialog to warn about unsaved changes in editable fields
  • Specify average bar size in pixels per supported screen size
  • Fix UV and Lux candlestick loss of float precision when calculating open and close
  • Allow adding a device from another station to a new station
  • Use proper delta-t conversion
  • If diagnostic card enabled, automatically add new diagnostic card when a new device is added
  • Fix status list ordering bug with multiple devices
  • Fix card text clipping issue when system text size preference is large
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

Smart Weather for Android - v1.40

  • Sensor status added to diagnostic list
  • Functionality added to support SKY devices
  • RH added as separate graph
  • Lightning card improvements - icon changes color when lightning is detected within the last 5 minutes
  • Rain card improvements - improved rain rate word ranges
  • Battery card now shows battery state (good or replace)
  • UV, Brightness, and Solar Radiation as separate graphs
  • Zero y axis minimum for UV/Brightness/Solar Radiation
  • Less top padding for wind graph
  • Wind arrows no longer overlap with lines
  • Wind arrows no longer appear on the bottom of the graph
  • Fixed SKY icon to be more consistent with AIR icon
  • Already paired devices no longer show up on nearby devices list
  • Minor formatting fixes
  • Minor performance improvements and bug fixes

Smart Weather for Android - v1.15

  • No longer persists hub reconnection after sign out
  • Add battery card
  • Add battery graph
  • Improved WebSocket reconnect strategy
  • Socket is closed instead of suppressed when app is in background
  • Show “Last Strike” label in card view
  • Fix bug preventing lightning strike card from updating from lightning events
  • Add lightning strike animation
  • Add ability to sort cards
  • Minor performance improvements

Smart Weather for Android - v1.10

  • Bluetooth improvements
  • Fixed bug where wifi setup loading dialog would loop indefinitely
  • Fixed bug where firmware setup loading dialog would get “stuck”, even if firmware update was successful
  • Fixed bug where names with spaces would cause unknown errors on Wunderground setup on certain Android versions
  • Add hide/show button for password fields
  • Remove ability to create account with social providers
  • When editing a station’s location, no longer moves location to current location if it has been set previously
  • Add reverse portrait/landscape support
  • Fix notification bug on certain Android versions
  • Add device status notification setting
  • Locations without hubs no longer show “WiFi Setup”, “Advanced”, and WU linking options
  • Increase card view text size for certain screen sizes
  • Changing graph resolution from a bucket with data to one without data shows ‘no data available’ message
  • Add toolbar card with share and diagnostics buttons
  • Add station status indicator on toolbar card, stations list, edit station screen, and station switcher
  • Station settings grouping change
  • Add default units to height above ground setting
  • Improved UI in edit station screen
  • Improved UI in edit device screen
  • Improved UI in station switcher
  • Fix pressure needle rotation
  • Minor unit formatting fixes
  • Other minor bug fixes

Smart Weather for Android - v0.93

  • Improved runtime pemissions requests
  • Fix bug where duplicate stations were being created during setup
  • Fix bug that would cause Sign Out button to sometimes appear twice during setup
  • Remember hub after serial has been entered in device setup
  • Ask hub for already paired devices during setup
  • Added Bluetooth low energy compatibility checks

Smart Weather for Android - v0.92

  • Improved background authentication token refresh
  • Add sign out button to setup
  • Add refresh button to wifi setup
  • Go back to station screen after a firmware upgrade
  • Some improvements to prevent showing old data when there is something newer available