WeatherFlow Smart Weather API


This API gives access to observations and meta data for WeatherFlow Smart Weather Stations. REST services are available for pulling data. The API also supports websocket connections for pushing data to listening clients.

You can learn more about WeatherFlow Smart Weather at . To see an example of what you can do with this API visit the Smart Weather website.

Getting Started

During development and for any use that is strictly personal (one user, yourself), use this development API key:

When ready to deploy an applications/integration intended for use by others (more than one user, not yourself):

Demo Station and Devices



Object Model

WeatherFlow Smart Weather API Object Model


Smart Weather Station users have the option of setting the data for each of their stations as either public or private. The API has two access levels (Public and User).

REST API Reference

Rest API Reference.

Remote Data Access Policy.

Websocket API Reference

Websocket API Reference.

Remote Data Access Policy.

UDP Broadcast Reference

UDP Broadcast Reference.

BLE Reference

coming soon